Chinese superstars Charlene and Chun to make an Idol drama

Chinese superstars Charlene and Chun to make an Idol drama

On the latest issue of Ming Pao Weekly No. 2071. Butterfly Lovers staring Charlene and Chun are soon to be release on September 11th, and Charlene's next project is with Show Lou, <>. Having very good chemsitry and well liked by the media, Chun and Charlene have had rumors since their first meeting. Seeing how good they are together, Charlene mentioned in the article, Chun's manager tries to play the match maker by putting them in another collaboration, a idol serie/drama. Charlene said that she is 25, not that young anymore if she is to make idol drama it is about time. She said she is afraid if she wait any longer she is too old.

When talking about the plot of the possible idol serie, Charlene said she doesn't want the idol drama to be regular dramas focusing alot on mushy love, pet love, etc. Charlene said since Chun and herself love to eat, she wants it to have a cooking theme. If possible have lots of food from all over the place, and being able to taste them all while filming. Also saying, Chun will probably be the happiest one.

She jokingly mentioned a storyline like this to Chun's manager: Herself is a cook representating Hong Kong and Chun is a cook representing Taiwan [note: not necessary a cook, but someone good with food]. They both start out hating eachother, not on good terms. However, they both run into a competitor and so Chun and Charlene teams up to win the competitor, then the story goes on from there. However, no date of been set, they would have to see if eachother's schedule fit.



April 26, 2009 at 3:10 PM

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