Latest News of the Taiwanese Hunk Jerry Yan of F4

Latest News of the Taiwanese Hunk Jerry Yan of F4

Guan Ying kiss Yan Cheng Xu with "exterior" feeling only

Guan Ying kisses with Yan Cheng Xu, definitely makes many fans to envy

Yesterday Yan Cheng Xu and Guan Ying had a media meeting for Stardust press conference in Shanghai. Yan Cheng Xu played the role of reporter to cover Guan Ying's feeling of circumstances that finally made them traded “the angry glare look at each other”, Director Lin Helong smiled and gave a happy laughter looking at the two people that acting like an “enemy”.

Yan Cheng Xu commented that Guan Ying is a very lively and lovable girl. Both of them had a lot of kissing scene in stardust but Guan Ying said it’s nothing to it regard to the unease feeling with her boyfriend Huang Zhiwei. Moreover she is the same as any common girl, will be jealous by many but because of the work, it doesn’t matter.

Guan Ying (left) and Yan Cheng Xu kiss in Stardust, she said that the kiss is on the surface only.

Although the cooperation with Yan Cheng Xu and Guan Ying in the drama has a many outgoing romance and with continuous kiss, Guan Ying since the beginning already said and described the kiss as "the most casually kiss."

Regards to her tattoo ankle with the boyfriend name Huang Zhiwei english name “Jerry”, which coincidently Yan Cheng Xu English name is also “Jerry”, Guan Ying with a smile said she’s feared that the media will make much ado about nothing. She speaks frankly that this Jerry(the tattoo name at her ankle) is not Jerry (Yan Cheng Xu), hope Yan Cheng Xu fans do not misunderstood, or I will be killed”

Jerry Yan's Stardust Press Conference in Shanghai, CCTV Broadcast in Primetime

Stardust has already sold copyright sales of over 60 million (6 million) even when filming is in progress, already covering production costs & making profits. Shanghai filming is supposed to complete by June. CCTV will broadcast Stardust on CCTV during year end at prime time of 8pm. CCTV spokesperson said its not easy to produce a drama that satisfies the taste of China viewers & overseas viewers. Confirmed by CCTV spokesperson during the interview that Japan investor wants Jerry to attract the Japanese audience. That Jerry's appeal has not lessened over the years judging from fans turnout. There were fans that flew in from Japan & Korea. That hundreds of media turned up for the presscon, all attention focused on Yan Cheng Xu.

Stardust coryright sales already reached 60 million. Jerry's talent fees has gone up 60 time since MG.

MG/ talent fees TW$10,000 per episode , TH talent fees TW$300,000 per episode , HS talent fees TW$450,000 per episode & Stardust talent fees TW$600,000 per episode.

Accdg to newsarticles, CCTV spokerperson said CCTV wanted to produce a drama the likes of Winter Sonata or Stairways to Heaven, a drama that will deeply touched the viewers heart all over Asia for this drama, the production budget is double that of its normal modern dramas. they then linked up with a Tw production house & the Japanese . the Taiwanese & Japanese sides specifically pinpointed Jerry for the main lead role.

According to the Terri & Alice, Jerry is not difficult as what's written by the media. they find him easy to get along. Both said when doing hugging scenes with Jerry, they find that Jerry is really thin. Jerry said when he don't smile, probably he looked fearsome, as the staffs will be scared. he said Terri also has the same kind of look as him when not smiling, so with Terri, he's seeing his mirror image. Both are very serious when working, in private they get along very well, like brothers. for Alice, Jerry said she's very cute, she lightens up the the filming atmosphere with her presence. Alice said Jerry is like an older brother, always encouraging her.

Jerry Yan Attends Shanghai TV Film Festival for Stardust

June 10, 10:45, at the Shanghai International TV, Sohu had a video interview with Stardust team at their Studio entertainment. At the scene, the appearance of director Lin Lung, Yan Cheng Xu and Guan Ying had attracted a large number of spectators and nearby stand onlookers. In particular, Yan Cheng Xu is subject to the ultra-FANS most sought after. They waiting for him in the Studio of Sohu, photographing him like mad.

During the 6/10 interview, Dir Lin said at 1st he tot Terri will be the nauseating princess kind of behavior (fatty2: its well known that Terri is from a wealthy family). he was very surprised & pleased when he finds her totally unprincess in behaviour, she's instead rather tomboyish. Jerry then said Terri is lively & adorable, very different from the image of her when she was in Taiwan attending various kinds of prestige functions.

Terri said Jerry is so different from what the media portrayed, she finds him easy-going. also, she finds him very hardworking & very focused during work. even when not his scenes, he will be present observing.

During the interview, when the lady host asked Dir Lin abt Jerry's huge talent fees of NT$600,000.00 (which is on par with top China actor such as Chen Dao Ming), Dir Lin said Jerry is worth every penny of it. that Jerry is a very hardworking & constantly learning & improving actor.

Jerry said for Stardust, he has learnt to relax & not put too much pressure on himself.

In the interview, Dir Lin mentioned that the filming has started for 1 month and there are 2 more months to go. Then 2 months after finished filming, it will be broadcasted. He also mentioned that he knows the off-camera Jerry very well, that Jerry is the no. 1 candidate for playing Cheng Yue in Stardust.

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Taiwanese Hunk Vic Zhou Zai Zai does not want celebrate his birthday,

ZZ does not want celebrate his birthday

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ZZ will pass a 27th birthday on June 9 . Long time ago in official on-line announcement: “do not give the gift to me, or please donate money for Sichuan the disaster victims.” His fellow are really obedient, and they success mustering fund 200,000 Hong Kong dollars (to be approximately equal to dollar 780,000 Yuan), but ZZ contribute 100 ten thousand dollars to join together to accomplish a great task.
ZZ this time goes to Japan, promoting "TEA FIGHT " film .

Recently in Japan, ZZ organized a grand Fan Meeting. As his birthday is approaching, according to past experience, ZZ will receive a large number of gifts. So he asked fans to just write letters or send local products and automotive magazines, and other non-precious items.

The movie "Tea Fight" will be released in Japan on July 12. In this trip to Japan, ZZ attended the media preview, and on the 6th of June he will fly to Beijing to help raise funds for disaster relief as the UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) ambassador. After that he will immediately return to Taipei film TV drama "Ruffian Hero".

In the latest interview of Beauty Mag., Zai Zai talked about his principles when choosing his other half. He said that not only her skin has to be good, but also she needs to be healthy and not too skinny. She also needs to understand how to highlight her own charm. Such a woman is the one he desires to marry. He further mentioned that he appreciates her quietness, often to ponder and earned her work. These are attractive feminine qualities to him. Finally, he has not avoided talking about his ex-girlfriend Da S " She is really a majesty of cosmetology. Her skin is the best of all actress!"
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Aaaaaaahhh... another reason to love ZaiZai!! I think that is the best thing fans can do, put all the money they'd normally spend on an extravagant but ultimately non-lasting gift into a donation towards a charity, under the name of the celebrity if so need be.

I hope Vic finds his true love one day soon =) (whether it's rekindling an old flame or not XP)

Talking about preference in choosing his 'other half', ZaiZai has only Barbie
in his mind. He is simply describing Barbie's quality skin and her serenity which is typical
of Barbie in reality.

He's such a gentleman to complement and praise Da S so much even though they are not a couple anymore... sigh! Such a perfect guy, wonder how many girls are wishing to be his other half?