Jet Li and Jackie Chan super combo in Forbidden Kingdom

Jet Li and Jackie Chan super combo in Forbidden Kingdom

If Jet Li fights Jackie Chan, who will win? The audience will, says Rob Minkoff, director of The Forbidden Kingdom (Gongfu Zhi Wang), which premieres in North America today opens in China six days later.

It has been a dream come true for Chinese martial art lovers to see the two icons in one film. The story starts with a dream. Jason, an American teenage kungfu fan enters a fantastic world through the "gate of no gate," and embarks on the mission to rescue the Monkey King, who's trapped in a stone by his foe, Jade Warlord. Like the young Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings, Jason has several powerful escorts, including a silent monk played by Li and a drunken wanderer played by Chan.

The family-friendly film is a collaboration of scriptwriter John Fusco and Li. Several years ago Li was seeking a story for his daughter, and from a number of candidates sent to him he picked Fusco's, which was loosely adapted from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. It is a mix of Chinese mythology and tales and features a chaotic scene in which the Monkey King and Shaolin Temple monks fight together.

However, Li worried that the story was too much of a spoof for Chinese audience to accept. He suggested changing the storyline into a dream sequence. In dreams, anything can happen.

Minkoff is also quick to assume Chinese cinemagoers that the film in no way cheapens Chinese culture. He was even told by his Chinese wife, a descendant of the saint Confucius, and her parents that they would not tolerate cultural mockery.

"They put great pressure on me," he says jokingly. "I made sure that the characters are true to themselves, and to the core values they were endowed by Chinese culture."

Li has also helped introduce Chinese philosophy to the film. For example, when Jason asks Li's monk what to do when he is in danger, the monk replies: "Keep breathing". The two masters not only teach the boy kungfu, but also the importance of respecting his teachers.

"It has long been my wish to promote Chinese culture," Li says. "But it is a huge and complicated culture, so we may have to start with a simple approach first.

"To present a little bit of everything in an interesting way may be easier for Western audiences."

The good news for kungfu enthusiasts is that fight scenes take up a lot of screen time. There are a variety of kungfu styles on show, including the crane and tiger fist, no shadow kick and drunken kungfu. Minkoff grew up in the bay area of San Francisco. Like Jason in the film, as a little boy he went to China town a lot. But what piqued his interest in Chinese culture were kungfu films.

"In Chinese kungfu movies, typically two things are being expressed," he says. "One is the physical act of the fighting, and the spiritual side of the teaching, involving experience and conscience."

Minkoff's first Chinese kungfu film was King Hu's Come Drink with Me (Da Zui Xia), in 1966. He is fond of Bruce Lee and Shaw's films, too. In The Forbidden Kingdom, he goes out of his way to pay tribute to the old kungfu films.

Chan's drunken wanderer is a nod to his 1978 film Drunken Master (Zui Quan), while the silent monk Li reminds many of his character in The Shaolin Temple (Shaolin Si). Young actress Liu Yifei's supporting role as Golden Sparrow is inspired by Pei-pei Cheng's character in Come Drink with Me, while the white-haired witch is almost a replica of Lien Ni-chang, the heroine in Ronny Yu's The Bride of White Hair (Baifa Monu Zhuan).

The battles between Li and Chan, choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping, give each a chance to express his different style and personality.

"Jet was serious. He has learned traditional martial arts from a very young age, while Chan was hilarious and lighthearted," Yuen says.

"He can do a bit of everything," Yuen says.

A scene from the movie featuring Jason as an American teenage kungfu fan, Jackie Chan as a drunken wanderer and Jet Li as a silent monk. Photos courtesy of Huayi Brothers

In Minkoff's eyes, the two superstars are just like Buddha and his disciple.

"Li was like a disciple of the Buddha, but Chan is the Buddha himself," he says. "Jet is very serious and religiously dedicated to Buddhism. Jackie is not, he is free, always bringing happiness to people around him."

The crew took part in a big ceremony for the opening of the film, which was a very traditional Chinese gesture to pay tribute to the Buddha. As Minkoff recalled, Chan was quite lighthearted about it, while Li was serious and dedicated.

The two's cooperation, says Minkoff, is like the Beatles. Each is good, but when you put them together, it is magic.

"It's history. As time goes on, it will become historic. Even if you do it again, this is the first time," he says.

Laptop Damaged but Wu Zun fears topless pics leak, dare not send for repair

WZ loves to take self-shots, his laptop also contains secrets that cannot be told!

Wu Zun's notebook monitor malfunctioned recently, the replacement parts would need about 2 months to ship over, he has already strictly requested that when sending his laptop in for repairs, his management company staff would scrutinise the entire repair process of the computer company, to prevent pictures from leaking out.

Calvin striptease, hilarious actions

Just what is the secret hidden in his laptop? Wu Zun said laughingly, "It's still ok lah, the most are pictures of me topless." So Wu Zun also loves to take self-shots.

However he also revealed, his laptop also contains interesting images of other people, that is Calvin's striptease video clip, he said, he wasn't really stripping, but his movements were very funny, it wouldn't be good if it leaked out and was seen by other people.

As the computer part would require 2 months to arrive, he being a computer addict did not care about the luggage weight restrictions, when going to China to film Butterfly Lovers, would also bring along a desktop LCD monitor to China, to connect to his laptop. He said, this was nothing, he had even prepared a luggage full of snacks to film, to satisfy his cravings.

Practising swordplay on the roof, auntie applaud and shout bravo

Wu Zun said, last week he went to Shanghai to train martial arts for Butterfly Lovers, he learnt an entire swordplay sequence, but as a result of having to do the horse stance continuously, now his waist and bum were very sore, when he returned to Taipei and was practising his swordplay on the top floor of his place, he was seen by his auntie neighbour, she even applauded him, gave him a sense of accomplishment.

Laptop Damaged but Wu Zun fears topless pics leak,
Laptop Damaged but Wu Zun fears topless pics leak,
Laptop Damaged but Wu Zun fears topless pics leak,

Liu Gen Hong to Invite "President Chou (Jay) & Baolong (Jerry Yan), King Do Not Meet King"

Liu Geng Hong is planning an album for charity & has invited many singers to participate & is due to be completed in 4/08. LGH is planning a press conference in 5/08 for the album & wants to invite Jerry & Jay to participate to further the publicity for the album & to break the saying of kings not sharing the same stage. Both sides mgt. company have been contacted but no definite reply as yet.

credits: fatty@asf
source: Liberty Times

Idol Series battling against each other; launching books together; Ariel Lin and Chen Qiao En is fate to battling against each other

Idol Series battling against each other; launching books together; Ariel Lin and Chen Qiao En is fate to battling against each other

Leading actresses for Idol series are very busy! Lin Yi Chen and Chen Qiao En who are the leading actresses in CTV and GTV [TKA] and CTV [Fate To Love You] are battling against each other and both of their new books [Lin Yi Chen’s New York Bagel Diary] and [Saw it already?] released around the same time too. It will be hard not to put their result on a scale for comparison.

Ethan Ruan and Chen ChuHe scramble to give money
Both Lin Yi Chen and Chen Qiao En are rating assurance in the idol series; and the both of them have [bring fortune to their husband luck], Mike He, Joe Cheng, MingDao and Ethan Ruan were able to become the main leads after collaborating with them. Today is Chen Qiao En’s birthday, [FTLY] production team had bought her favorite dishes like cake, Loumei (Internal organs) and Eel rice for her; while Ethan Ruan and Chen ChuHe scramble against each other to [give money] to buy her new book as her birthday present.

In the Idol Series, both of them are acting as [someone else], but in the books they will show their own true self. Chen Qiao En in [Saw it already?] revealed her past about alcohol and bad temper; the pictures inside the book, she is so generous as to show off her D cup size breast. She has a straightforward personality and a full bloom body figure; so Chen Qiao En has the upper advantage over here.

Winne and Zheng Yuan Chang scramble to give out flower
Lin Yi Chen’s image path is quality, no taking off clothes, no rumors, less talkative, is a simple and refreshing type of person among the new generation of artists. On 3rd April, it was [Lin Yi Chen’s New York Bagel Diary] book launching press conference, director Winnie and leading actor Zheng Yuan Chang in [They Kiss Again] were there to give her flower. Zheng Yuan Chang used the time to give her advice: [Hope that you will be more open when you interact with other people, only then you will have more pursuers.]

About being said to [clash] everything together with Chen Qiao En, Lin Yi Chen generously said: [I am not the type of people who like to do comparison, I only do what I like to do and having my own book is also about the topic that will make me happy.]

Caption 1: After coming back from New York, Lin Yin Chen is eager to go abroad again for 2 years, her manager was so startled that she might have nightmare because of it.
Caption 2: Lin YI Chen (right) at her own book launching press conference, Zheng Yuan Chang came to support plus giving out hug.

Nicholas Teo promotes New Album, Director Dou presents Leavened Cake

Reporter: Liu Xiao Jun

Taipei: The day before, Nicholas Teo held 《From Now On》Album Presale Autograph and Performance Event before Taipei Station. He rode an extended white cadillac ritual vehicle and under the guard of 4 dancers, entered the venue. Niu Cheng Ze (Director Dou) appeared as a guest's identity and presented 168 leavened cakes, wishing great sales for his album and "be prosperous continuously" (Yi Lu Fa - similarity in pronunciation).

Self rated 70% score for dance show

Nicholas Teo ended dashingly his first ticketed concert in Malaysia last
week. He then rushed back to Taiwan to begin his album promotion tour. On
the previous day, he rode a ritual vehicle rented by EMI Music and arrived
at the event location. He felt fresh to ride such a long kind for the first
time. He said, "When the car reached the porch to pick me up, there was
a great 'Las Vegas' feeling."

During the challenge of new album, there is this pounding electro-music
genre. For such purpose, Nicholas practised hard the "Dazzling Bright Outer
Coat Dance". He lightly showed a part yesterday and it was his first time
dancing in front of Taiwanese fans. Under their encouragement, the more
he danced, the more high feeling he got. The fans also passionately responded.
He said:「I give myself 70%, hoping that it will be good. Also wishing
everyone will get used to seeing my new dancing image onstage。」

Source: Apple Daily

"Hot Shot" Wraps Up Filming, Chun Wu and Show Lo a Couple? A Kissing Toast

GTV's "Hot Shot" had it's filming wrap-up party a few days ago. After 3 cups of "yellow soup" (alcohol), Director Lin He Long shared his afterthought of working with three big idols. He said that Jerry tries too hard, hope he'd relax, Show is very smart, but too confident at times, Chun's acting skills was better than in "Romantic Princess" but his Mandarin is just as bad as before.

Also, Lin He Long especially pointed out Show and Chun as the "Talk-Back Duo." He said, "They both love to talk back, Chun in 2nd place, and Show in first!" Upon hearing the director say this, Show immediately shared an embarrassing story of Lin He Long, "It was raining this one time when we were filming, I was holding an umbrella and the director yelled at me for being girly, but please, he [the director] was sitting there under a $5 million parasol/umbrella, that's even more girly than I am!"
He also said, "The director was really angry and threw the script, so I said, 'You're going to have to pick it up again.'" Chun revealed that because of the last experience working with him, he learned this time to run away to duck away from Lin He Long's cursing, he would arrive at the filming on perfect timing, "I'm here and there, so even when the director wants to yell at me, he can't, haha!"

It's been spread into the public that Chun is Show's girlfriend. With this rare chance of meeting each other, they were forced to play "tonsil hockey." Chun immediately went up and put his hands on Show's face for a forced kiss, but Show very shyly ducked away.

The two of them toasted each table, which made everyone joked that it was like "A groom and bride coming for a toast." Also, Coco Chiang has a habit of using heat packs, putting them under her arms and legs. So Show turned it into a comical tune.
Even though she was made fun of, Coco told expressed to the director, "Director is just like a heat pack, warmth in my heart." Having been complimented by a beautiful girl, Lin He Long laughed and said, "Just don't put me under your arms or legs!" which had everyone riled up in laughter.

Source: CDN News

Roger Kwok Plans to Send Son to Study Aboard

Roger Kwok Plans to Send Son to Study Aboard

Yesterday Roger Kwok was the guest for "Little Prince" 「小小公主王子」 function and was welcomed greatly by the children there. Roger said: "He will arrange his son to participate in these activities because kids needs to have a social life, children exposed to others around them will help build self-confidence. Just a few years old and already will be used to performaning on stage." Roger says that at the age of 3 its the best time to start showing talent, first start off with learning music, which may help relieve emotions. As for schooling, Roger said: "I hope he can learn 4 different languages, knowing more languages will help communicating with others easier." Roger also plans to send his son to study aboard, will not be in Hong Kong being spoon-fed.